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Children & Contact Lenses

When should I let my child start wearing contact lenses?

We are often asked by our Sherwood Park parents when would be a good age to start their children on contact lenses. They can be a great benefit for kids as they allow them to play sports and do other activities and not have to worry about breaking glasses. Plus, children have a tendency to lose or bend glasses. So what could be the problem?

What are the issues with kids and contact lenses?

  1. Can I trust my child to keep good hygiene with them and keep them clean?
  2. Will they lose them?
  3. Can they properly insert them without getting frustrated? leading to frustration.

What do we recommend?

Like many things, it really depends. If you know your child is mature enough to handle the issues stated above, then we suggest you give contacts a try for your kid. We especially want them to try daily disposable lenses so there is less of a fear of losing them. Give us a call to discuss whats best for your child and what brand they would feel great with.

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