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Allergies and How They Affect Your Eyes

What are eye allergies?

While we love the beautiful trails, forests, and greenery of Sherwood Park, with that comes allergies. This is especially true in the Spring and Fall months when the pollen is rich in the air. With allergies comes the usual stuffy or runny noses, the itchy throat, and more. There is also the itchy or watery eyes. This is known as allergic conjunctivitis. woman wiping her eyes with a tissue

The body, especially the eyes, becomes sensitive to the environment. Foreign items such as dust, pollen, and smoke cause the eyes to get red and uncomfortable. You feel the urge to rub your eyes but know it will only make matter worse. This is because the body is releasing histamines and causing these symptoms to combat the items entering the eye space.

What can be done for eye allergies?

We recommend artificial tears or decongestants to relax the eyes and keep them moist. Try avoiding excessive time outdoors. Give us a call to schedule an eye exam and discuss the various options available and what works best for you.